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Raise the Hood Campaign



Varenyky. Pyrohy. Pierogies. Little pillows of heavenly bliss. Smothered in smetana, fried onions (or both) or plain and simple. Whatever you call our famous Ukrainian dumplings, and whatever way you like them, if you've ever eaten them at (or purchased them from) the Ukrainian-American Club of Miami, you know they're something worth waiting for, paying good money for, even fighting for (but we don't want to encourage that).

Wondering, then, why our kitchen has been closed, why those delectable varenyky are nowhere to be found? Well, we'll tell you (sniff!). Our stove—or rather, the hood system over our stove—is no longer in compliance with code. In fact, the hood is gone, awaiting a new, code-compliant hood that will allow us to use our stove again and cook those amazing little bundles of joy.

And all that we need to make that happen is your donation.

Send whatever amount you can (check or money order in US dollars) to:


  The Ukrainian-American Club of Miami
3595 NW 35th Street
Miami, FL 33142

Or call 305-635-6374 to find out how you can help. We need to raise $10,000 to do this, and that has everyone's stomachs rumbling.

Please. Help us bring back the mighty varenyk, because let's face it—life without varenyky is like, well, it stinks.


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