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All Things Ukrainian



The Ukrainians in South Florida are only a very warm tip of the iceberg, and there are lot of other sites for you to visit. Some are art and culture sites, some are educational and informational sites, and some are organizations in need of your help.

If you are an organization or dance troupe who would like your website on our list of links, contact us.

It helps us all!

Ukrainian Organizations
Ukrainian Dance Companies

Ukrainian Organizations

www.childrenofchornobyl.org CHILDREN OF CHORNOBYL RELIEF FUND Inc.
International Children of Chornobyl Foundation. An organization helping the young victims of the Chornobyl nuclear plant accident.

www.ukrainianproject.com THE UKRAINIAN PROJECT
Works to promote Ukrainian activities. It also includes Shezabi, a company that imports Ukrainian art items for sale.

http://myukraine.info (A comprehensive, encyclopedic-style site that covers many topics about Ukraine.)

www.ukrainet.net (a good source for things Ukrainian)

www.tryzyb.com (another good source for things Ukrainian)

www.brama.com (still another good source for things Ukrainian)

www.selfreliance.com (our credit union)

www.brama.com/surma  (Surma Books and Crafts store, in the heart of New York City--the granddaddy of North American Ukrainian stores)

www.ukrainianbookstore.com (a great source for Ukrainian costumes and boots)

www.yevshan.com  (The Canadian connection--if it’s Ukrainian, you can buy it here!)

www.tryzyb.com/UNA (Ukrainian National Association, a fraternal insurance organization)

www.soyuzivka.com (The UNA’s summer home-away-from-home in the Catskills)

www.uccm.us     (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church, in Miami, FL)

www.physics.mcgill.ca/www/oleh/ukr-info.html (an in-progress Ukrainian resource)

www.ukrainianmusic.org (Ukraine Millennium Foundation, which focuses on Ukrainian music)

www.uima-chicago.org (Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, in Chicago, IL)

www.ukrainianmuseum.org (The Ukrainian Museum, in New York City, NY)

http://vyshyvanka.com/Embroidery (Vyshyvanka Ukrainian Gift -- beautiful items for sale)


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Ukrainian Dance Companies

There are tons of Ukrainian troupes across North America--and the world--and it's impossible to list them all. The list below containe the companies who have contacted us, and who link to our site as well--they are all great sites and great troupes. Just tell us, and we'll link to your group, too! For a comprehensive listing of Ukrainian troupes 'round the world, it's best to check out Virsky's site below.

www.virsky.com Virsky Ukrainian Dance Company-- Ukraine

Not only is the legacy of Pavlo Virsky felt throughout the Ukrainian dance community, this web site is a very comprehensive Ukrainian resource--a must see!


The rest are in alphabetical order:

www.balletprosvita.com.ar Ballet Prosvita-- Buenos Aires, Argentina (the English version of this site is under construction)

www.icomm.ca/desna Desna Ukrainian Dance Company-- Toronto, Canada

www.geocities.com/Vienna/7500 Krynychenka National Folk Dance Ensemble-- Rivne, Ukraine

www.poltava.com.br Poltava Ukrainian Folkloric Group -- Brazil

www.tchoven.hpg.com.br Grupo Folclorico Ukraniano Tchoven -- Brazil

www.ukemonde.com/troyanda Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble-- Montreal, Quebec-Canada

www.fortunecity.com/victorian/stilllife/26/index.htm Viterets Children's Ensemble-- Kyyiv, Ukraine (This is the "training ground" for Ukraine's professional dance troupes!)

www.volya.org Volya Ukrainian Dance Company-- Edmonton, Alberta-Canada

www.zoloto.mb.ca Zoloto Ukrainian Dance Ensemble-- Winnipeg, Manitoba-Canada

http://members.aol.com/andchob/andrewc.html Zorya Ukrainian Dancers of Dallas-- Dallas, Texas



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